Personal Trainer

Certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, with continued education in Senior Fitness and Weight Loss.

Although I specialize in working with older clients and weight loss, I pride myself on being able to give anyone a great workout, beginner or advanced. I like to incorporate a variety of strength training, cardiovascular training, core/balance/plyometric training, and flexibility training to keep things fresh. I've worked with clients of all ages and abilities. Every workout is tailored to your individual goals, wants, needs, and limitations.

I got into the fitness industry because of my own personal journey. I grew up playing sports, and during my second season of college football, I tore my ACL for the second time. I became unhealthy, undisciplined, and 70 pounds overweight. I made the decision to make a change and I learned everything I could teach myself about proper training and nutrition. With that knowledge, I was able to lose all the weight that I had gained and more, I was able to set personal records in powerlifting, and I still continue to play competitive club Rugby. I hate to see someone with the drive and the willpower to be in better shape, but without the knowledge to succeed. Let me come up with a strategy to help you transform into the best version of yourself.